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New employees to expand training
      May 12, 2012, Wisconsin shares for new employees and organizations to carry out a one-day outdoor training activities. Walk in the Clouds, ice-breaking activities, trust, fell back, skipping, shuttlecock, graduation wall series expansion of training new employees to enjoy the love and encouragement from colleagues, to fully appreciate the strength of the team from training and shaping the self-challenge and teamwork of the employees.
      The "trust fall back" this activity so that we learn to trust companion, I believe that the collective. Trusted companions, believe that the collective is our integration into the collective basis of the work. Each of us at work are inseparable from colleagues to help and support that only by fully trusted companions, believe in collective when you need help or isolated, they will give you the most selfless, the most sincere support; only trusted companion, I believe collective, we will be in the collective sense of belonging and a sense of responsibility, only to abandon all distractions, devote yourself to your work.
      In the process to find happiness, to be sublimated in sentiment. In the Outward Bound process, everyone throughout the smooth clearance of satisfaction, and cheer for the fellow successful. Everything is so real, so work together. After the end of the entire training process, we are tired, can everyone happily talking about the things in training, felt food for thought.