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My company participated in the Sixth Power Quality Forum was

    1.1 million years ago, human ancestors thrived here; two thousand years ago, the Silk Road opened this charming veil, China and the world gradually in economic, cultural exchanges and friendly contacts; today, sixth Power Quality Forum Xi'an standing began.
Into the governance of Hong Wenjing Han Wu Shengshi, Zhao Xuansheng the world, opened Huang Saatchi Zhenguan Kaiyuan Spirit, Xi'an writing scenes CLS chapter in Chinese history. In this birthplace of Chinese civilization, Xi'an, with its rich cultural heritage nourish plants and trees here. The premise of power both subsistence production, superior power quality is to ensure electrical safety, stable supply of healthy and stable economic city, an important element of sustained and rapid development. Along with the Xi'an urban construction and economic development, electricity supply even more indispensable to promote the development and prosperity of this ancient capital.
My company was invited to participate in the Summit of the sixth power quality, the Forum aims to combine the local advantages of resources to build the information exchange platform for the development of the industry; address local power management, design and power quality problems encountered in the daily work of the user, to achieve quality quality of supply to promote healthy economic development objectives; the same time, the display industry with quality products and system solutions.
9:30 am, the meeting began. China Electric Power Research Institute Professor Lin Haixue an overview of power quality standards and development "as the theme, wonderful speech. He briefly introduces and analyzes the current International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and European power quality standards overview, discusses the relationship between the standards for electromagnetic compatibility and power quality standards, Review of Power Quality Standard the status quo and further improve the proposals. The construction of the power quality standards related to the industry as a whole, orderly and harmonious development, the construction of the power quality standards indicates that the prospects for the development of the industry is a major issue in the industry who always pay attention to.
Power quality problems of the industrial sector has always been concerned about the increasingly complex modern steel plant production scale, modern, high-speed access to distributed power to the distribution system structure, running closer and closer to the ultimate limit state. Grid in any one unit out of control can make the system into the state of the crisis of survival, causing major losses to the iron and steel production. Ministry of Education, Power Quality Engineering Research Center, Anhui University, Professor Li Lingdong steel industry power quality analysis of altitude, conduct in-depth analysis. Calculate the PQ limits of modern steel distribution technology, to enlarge the high harmonics of the frequency conversion mill electric arc furnace reactive shock and inter-harmonics, and a detailed analysis of important issues such as advanced simulation with distributed power distribution network, and gives solutions for the related engineering and technical personnel to reference.
The modern industry requires high-quality energy, power quality problem has been the focus of attention of the whole society. EMC experts in the field, to analyze power quality issues the CASIC Institute 706 (green space) - Director Professor Yang Jishen from the perspective of electromagnetic compatibility, power quality management "as the theme, as we explain ideas to solve power quality problems, the formation process of electromagnetic interference, harmonic control strategies, and finally should pay attention to the potential risks caused by harmonic currents; to consider the harmonic current control; control the harmonic at the harmonic source wave current; adopt a flexible harmonic control measures "to summarize the end of this line speech. Space green power class offered by Professor Yang has been welcomed by many industry professionals in page and enter the space green electricity classroom to enter their classroom learning, communication.
Strong proponent of a strong and smart grid construction, large-scale wind power is one of the core purpose of the intelligent grid. Deputy director of Gansu Province electric power companies wind power technology center, a senior engineer He Shien, "large-scale wind power and net electric power quality problems" from the Jiuquan ten million kilowatts of wind power base profiles power quality standards for wind power, wind turbine and wind farm electrical energy quality testing with you. Wind is an important green energy, is also an important alternative energy sources for fossil fuels is one of the large-scale wind power grid will bring good social benefits.