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        Wiscon shares in companies focused on power quality harmonic control and reactive power compensation areas, one dedicated to the detection of power quality analysis and design, providing customers with customized power quality one-stop technical services, to set the power quality equipment and device R & D, manufacturing, systems integration and solutions in one high-tech enterprises, is a pioneer in the field of power quality control.  Have passed the TUV CERT certification body of the German Association for Technical Supervision ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, Wiscon, on the basis of first-class products and technologies in Europe, vigorously carry out independent technology research and development, international power quality problems for the industry at home and abroad leading solutions.  Wiscon has become a power quality control and energy saving areas of science and technology-driven company, is a rapid development of high-tech companies.

        Wiscon Department of joint-stock enterprises, the company to establish computer management network with research institutes and experimental stations, first-class experimentation and testing center in this field, with its excellent quality, outstanding quality, energy saving is significant, the service good and so on in a leading position WISCON committed to improved power factor and suppression filter out the harmonic pollution, thus improving the power quality and reliability, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy, and provides optimized intelligent reactive power compensation harmonic filtering system solutions.  The product has full, excellent, high, new features, has entered most of the power system, and many well-known sets of power units to provide continuous, reliable service, including scraping the national network of bundling the bidding company products used for the specified products. At present, the main products are: power quality monitoring and control terminal, dynamic the SCR rapid compensation filter system, active power filter and passive filter device and reactive power compensation, power quality system, power components, such as high-tech, new process relying on the leading domestic level, reliability, energy saving and so on.  Detected by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the National Power Capacitor, detection of the national electricity control and distribution equipment of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the China Quality Certification Center to detect all qualified, and models using certificates issued by the Xi'an Institute of power capacitors and Tianjin Electric Drive Research Institute and joint design of the national compulsory product certification, the National Low-voltage switchgear of all the product is specified selection of products and product quality complaints by China's State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Treatment Centre recognized, given the product quality and reputation tracking, and all products by the Chinese People's Insurance Company coverage. The company has won the "National Quality Model Enterprise, the national certificate of the National Quality Service Customer Satisfaction Enterprise, the stability of the national quality inspection qualified enterprises, the China Quality Around the World Anti-Counterfeiting activist members of the unit", the China Electric Power Research Institute, National Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Center, The national power grid construction branch joint rated as "quality, observe the integrity of the country reactive power compensation equipment quality and stability of qualified enterprises, approved by the China Quality Association, a group member unit of China Quality Inspection Association.  The company has received authoritative media interviews and coverage of the Beijing TV Station, People's Daily, China Quality Daily, etc.! Enjoy a high reputation in the community!

          Wiscon's products and solutions will rely on the world's leading core technologies and extensive industry experience and has been successfully applied to modern architecture, medical, communications, large equipment manufacturing facility, computer center, tobacco, banking, metallurgy, petrochemical, electronic , paper and many other industries as well as a series of national key municipal projects.  Stable in many major construction projects, such as the National Olympic Stadium, Capital Airport, China Academy of Rocket Launch Center, Beijing Yanshan Stadium, sewage treatment plant in Beijing, the national network in North China urban and rural power grids, the national network northeast of rural power grids project, Aluminum Jiangxi, Shandong Xin Long cooking oil, Tianjin Eco-City, Bay Plaza, Tianjin, Tianjin, NMS Building, and other users of universal praise, Wiscon products and solutions are widely used in production safety for the majority of users, saving energy improve power quality and reduce the expansion cost to provide a reliable guarantee, and plays an increasingly important role.

         For green power distribution, in order to clean and efficient power quality for human breathing fresh air, customer service, contribute to the community, Wiscon unshaken pursuit.
         WISCON successful green power quality and harmonic filter system for a one-stop solution experts.