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Sales terms and conditions
Sales terms and conditions of the binding
The following is the binding terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"), Wiscon (Tianjin) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ("Wiscon Shares") to its in the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "China" only in respect of the terms and conditions, including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region or Taiwan), customers of any product ("Product") sales. In this article, the "manufacturer" refers to the Wiscon shares.
1. An order to accept and canceled; special order
All product orders shall be accepted in writing by the duly authorized agent of the Wiscon shares or shares of Wiscon. If written confirmation of receipt of the order, which itself does not constitute an order acceptance. Customers can only be canceled in the case of Wiscon shares written consent of Wiscon shares have accepted the orders. Such as order is canceled for any reason, the client should be paid to the Wiscon Shares reasonable cancellation fee or restocking fee (the Han Gaiweisikang shares of all costs and commitments made), and this does not restrict the Wiscon shares a result of such cancellation and enjoy any other benefits. Customers to apply for re-arrange product delivery time, (and decide whether to accept by the Wiscon Shares) shall be accepted by the Wiscon shares. The order has been submitted to the shipping carrier by the Wiscon shares, Wiscon shares will not agree to cancel or reschedule the delivery time. Wiscon shares have the right to decide the allocation of sales and the number of its customers selected products. Product specifications and product availability without prior notice change.
Certain product orders may involve goods of Wiscon shares of common stock and therefore must represent the customer special ordered from the manufacturer part number and quantity (the "Special Order"). Does not constitute a special order be accepted, and shall not constitute a final order, unless the specific "Special Order Agreement (the Agreement by reference the terms and conditions relating to such special order has been entered into between the client and the Wiscon shares included).
2. Price
Invoiced orders shipped price. The price will be the price determined by the Wiscon shares and will apply to the period identified in Wiscon shares in the offer, or the provisions in the Wiscon shares on the page (if applicable). Failing to determine any period, the prices quoted will be valid for 30 days. Wiscon shares directory reflects the directory printing is available when the latest pricing information. The price stated in the catalog without notice change. The price includes all transportation costs. Wiscon shares increased costs or other circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Wiscon shares, the price will rise. If the customer does not purchase volume pricing corresponds to the number, the number of customers for the actual purchase to pay before the discount price and / or determined by the Wiscon Shares, a cancellation fee or restocking fee. The price does not include all taxes, levy and other charges (including but not limited to any competent government authority to levy value added tax and similar taxes or other charges, as well as bank charges). Wiscon Shares will be responsible for any tariffs, customs fees, documentation fees related to the product imported from China and other fees and charges.
3. The terms of payment
Customer agrees to pay the full amount of such invoices in accordance with the terms of the Wiscon shares issued by each invoice, without any offset or deduction. All payments must be made ​​to the Chinese currency (RMB). To pay the next credit card orders to be handled simultaneously. In addition, the 30 days payment terms of payment, applicable to businesses, schools and institutions of the three introducer or otherwise provided by Wiscon shares.
All orders should be to credit approval by the Wiscon Shares, Wiscon shares can decide at any time to change customer credit terms, customer orders, any or all of the products prior to shipment, cash, bank wire / electronic funds transfer or official bank checks, payment, and required to pay any or all of the expired or expiring funds. There is ample evidence to doubt customers the ability to pay, or if the customer fails to pay any due invoices, Wiscon shares may suspend delivery of any orders for products or any order of any remaining product, such as Wiscon Shares, until the payment completed, Wiscon shares or cancel any order or any of the remaining products. Wiscon shares accordingly suspend delivery, it shall promptly notify the customer, such as customer order to provide sufficient guarantee (guarantee the adequacy of self-determined) by the Wiscon Shares, Wiscon shares will then be restored to delivery. Customers will continue to bear the responsibility to pay for any shipment of products. Customer agrees to provide Wiscon shares may reasonably require financial information to determine credit terms and / or continuation of credit terms. Non-payment of the due invoice is approaching the date of payment calculated and collected interest at an annual interest rate of 18% or application of the highest rate permitted by the laws and regulations (whichever is the lower date). If the Customer fails to pay the amounts due under the Wiscon shares may seek any legal assistance or remedy, if any, in this case, the Wiscon Shares will be entitled to compensation for costs incurred due to the receivables and reasonable attorneys' fees.
3.1 credit / debit card
The use of credit cards including: MasterCard MasterCard, Visa (VISA) and China UnionPay. For new customers, order products prior to shipment to audit the credit card billing information.
3.2 Prepaid wire transfer or electronic funds transfer
Customers according to the instructions of Wiscon shares Fu Zhiwei Kahn shares in the bank account of the telegraphic transfer or other electronic funds transfer mode in order to make a prepayment. After the customer orders, the Wiscon Shares will be by e-mail sent to the customer invoice, which includes shares of bank information and products in total in Wiscon. Wiscon shares prepaid orders for the customers to keep product inventory 72 hours to be confirmed receipt of the funds. If you have not received the funds, the customer's prepaid orders will be canceled in 20 days after. Telegraphic transfer or electronic funds transfer to pay all bank charges borne by the customer.
3.3 check
Acceptance of corporate customers a check, you should be honored, honored the date will be considered as the date of payment. Wiscon shares from the customer received any check for the performance of any obligation to customers in Wiscon shares in any order or other contract under Wiscon shares assumed, regardless of whether there is any statement or the check There are still responsible for any statement about the check, the customer owed ​​Wiscon shares of any other payments. Wiscon shares to accept the check does not constitute a waiver of the right to charge any balance. Customers are required to bear because of their checks to be returned and all bank charges and Wiscon share the resulting costs.
4. Tax
VAT and related taxes or other charges apply to all orders entered into with the Wiscon Shares, and these taxes are entirely borne by the customer included in the Wiscon shares the invoice to the customer.
5. delivery and ownership
Wiscon shares should be selected in the order process (if any) to deliver products. Not selected in the following order process delivery, customers and Wiscon shares in the follow-up agreed delivery, if not agreed, Wiscon shares should be the location of the customers choice, delivery of related shipping charges will be reflected in the invoice. Wiscon shares the right to stop at the transit transport, in this context, to the customer (or customers of the carrier, if applicable) and delivery will constitute delivery to the customer, and in the event of the delivery, ownership and risk of loss will transfer to the customers. Agreed upon delivery time, such as customers and Wiscon shares the Wiscon shares should be delivered within that time, if the time for a fixed period (the following order 15 - 20 days), Wiscon shares in the delivery at any time within the period. Not agreed upon delivery time, such as customers and Wiscon shares, Wiscon shares at any time after the next orders delivered to customers, and customers can request any time delivery after placing an order, but customers should hope that the delivery time to the Westminster Kang shares in advance to make reasonable written notice. If applicable, the choice of carrier and delivery route will be completed by the Wiscon shares, unless the customer specifically designated. The shares of Wiscon reserves the right to partial delivery. The number of product delivery delay does not make the customers the right to cancel any other batch. Any batch of the product after the date requested within 30 days of delivery, will constitute a timely delivery. Such as the number of delivery is less than the amount specified, this does not relieve the customer acceptance of Wiscon shares delivery obligations and the obligation to pay for the goods delivered.
6. Product refund
6.1  Limited Warranty of product refund
Such as law or regulation is not product-specific provisions of a certain period of time, the customer must, within 90 days after the date of product shipment notification to the shares of the Wiscon, that the seven described the limited warranty. Wiscon shares in accordance with applicable manufacturer warranty (the warranty involved in the customer's product) agreed to accept returns, the customer must prepay all transportation costs and shipping cost. To start this 6.1 product refund, customers must contact the Wiscon shares the sales representative to obtain a Return Material Authorization number and handling instructions. Accordingly refund any product must be in its original packaging (original packaging provided by the manufacturer or Wiscon shares the original packaging), unused. Static-sensitive products should be unopened (except under controlled conditions).
6.2  defective products returned / three guarantee
Three guarantees: Wiscon shares to comply with the People's Republic of China on Product Quality "," Consumer Protection Act and related regulations, to fulfill the obligations inherent quality defect of products to repair, replace or refund. If there is no specific product regulations applicable to a particular product sold in Wiscon Shares, to provide maintenance, replacement or refund obligation should be according to the standards of the Wiscon shares "three guarantee policy implementation, the policy text Wiscon shares at any time to update the web page
6.3 The refund will be denied the case:
• The product is not sold by the Wiscon Shares and shipment;
• Product customers to use, there are inherent defects except; or
• Product quality problems due to improper use, static discharge, neglect, accident, modification results in, or in any welding or change.
6.4 to prevent counterfeit products
Wiscon shares such as Wiscon shares received by its sales and shipment of any product, will immediately check the handling and destruction. For the refund of the product by the customers to the Wiscon Shares, the customers that the refund of the product is purchased from the Wiscon Shares, and not to the same or similar products from other manufacturers, producers, suppliers, distributors or other channels, the same or similar products, in whole or in part replaced.
7. Wiscon's limited warranty
Such as the Wiscon shares obtained from the manufacturer, product assurance can be transferred, the Wiscon Shares agreed to the transfer of any such guarantee to customers. The extent permitted by applicable law, Wiscon did not make and expressly refused to endorse in any way related to the product any other warranties, guarantees, commitments or representations (whether written, oral, express or implied, whether it is due to the fact or due to the implementation of laws, regulations or other reasons).
8. Wiscon to comply with restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances and lead-free policy in the electrical and electronic equipment
Selling products Yinweisikang shares (for countries other than China or the Chinese) in Wiscon shares all the environmental regulations shall be complied with, shares of Wiscon policy. The international environmental regulations, including but not limited to the constraints of the disposal or recycling of hazardous substances in electronic equipment and / or equipment, any laws or regulations, rules or instructions. Wiscon shares otherwise expressly specified in writing, shares of Wiscon is not on whether the use of its products comply with any international environmental regulations to make any representations, warranties, promises or guarantees, and customers should independently determine the product on the Wiscon shares whether the use of the customer's obligations under the provisions of any such international environment. "China's Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Management Measures" applies to products sold under these terms and conditions, the Wiscon shares to comply with its obligations under the approach as importers.
9. Product Country of Origin
Wiscon shares in the country of origin information on all products in its inventory. The information provided on product labels and product shipping documents to the customer. Accordance with applicable laws and regulations (including the Customs and Excise Department and / or import rules and regulations), the information only based on information provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer did not provide a manufacturer of products used in each of the raw materials or sub-components to the Wiscon Shares of origin information.
10. Limitation of Liability; customer compensation
Should the terms and conditions of any other provision to the contrary, within the scope permitted by applicable law, Wiscon shares (or Wiscon, any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, directors, managers, officers or employees) in any circumstances are not any other party to assume for product sales or purchase of these terms and conditions fulfillment and violation of these Terms and Conditions and / or use of products and produce of or in any aspect and this related to any nature of any indirect, special, incidental, incidental, punitive or exemplary damages or reduction in value, loss of profits or loss of business opportunities, damages, nor bears any responsibility, including but not limited to loss of profits or income, recover the cost of service interruptions or service mentioned claims, test, install or remove costs, alternative costs, or damages caused by the legal costs. Products such as the fault is attributable to acts or omissions of the customer, the Customer shall any person for Wiscon sales and customer products mentioned the defense of any claim for compensation for Wiscon on the Wiscon Wiscon from damage.
11. product safety notification and restrictions
The product is only used for commercial purposes. Under the premise of customer requirements and can be obtained from the manufacturer, Wiscon shares the product batch tracking information. Wiscon shares does not determine sales of any product specifications or to any performance or safety testing of the product. Specification sheet to provide customers with excerpts from production or from the manufacturer the information provided by the manufacturers. Without special permission of the competent authorities of the consumer protection, and the Wiscon shares did not obtain such permission, the Wiscon shares in China may not sell such products or parts. Wiscon shares qualified manufacturers list "of suppliers, component suppliers in the Qualified Products List". Customer agrees that: conducted purchase for commercial purposes or other use shall require the use of qualified products list "component. Wiscon shares in the directory or page any mention of the place of military specifications for reference only and does not modify the terms and conditions. Wiscon shares did not participate in any product safety engineering, product safety review or product safety testing. Wiscon Shares can not provide any safety testing, safety evaluation or safety engineering services. Wiscon shares sold products are not intended to be used or authorized for use in life support, life sustaining, human implantation, nuclear facilities, and flight control systems and other aspects of the application and other applications and lead to sales problems could result in personal casualties or significant damage to property (referred to as "unauthorized use"). Such as customer products are used or sale of any such unauthorized use, then the Customer acknowledges that: (1) The Customer shall bear the risk of such use or sale; (2) Customer agrees that: Wiscon Shares and manufacturing The provider does not bear any claims or damages arising from such use produced in whole or in part of the responsibility; and (3) a result of such use or sale, or in connection with such use or sale of all claims, damages, losses, costs, costs and responsibilities, customer agreed to compensation for the Wiscon Shares and product manufacturers for its defense, against damage.
12. statements and opinions
To provide customers or to make a statement or advice (technical or otherwise), such statements or opinions will be considered the recommendations made ​​by the customer, without charges. Wiscon shares of such statements or opinions of the contents or use without liability. Wiscon Shares will be the territory of China customers one level technical support, the support is limited to a very limited range. Wiscon shares is not (directly or indirectly) involved in any customer's product design. Wiscon shares its public sale or for customer use (including but not limited to be used in the product in any finished product into the customer's production), to carry out the adaptation of engineering review.
13. Intellectual Property Rights
Orders that contain software or other intellectual property, software or other intellectual property by the Wiscon shares subject to such license agreement to provide customers with the premise of the copyright and user license, attached to such software or other intellectual property copyright and user license terms and conditions. Any content of this article shall be construed to confer any right or license to the use of any software or other intellectual property in any way or any software or other intellectual property for any other purpose such license agreement does not expressly permitted. Unopened software can be refunded and apply for a refund. Has the Kaifeng software non-refundable, unless defective.
14. Force Majeure
Due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of Wiscon shares (including but not limited to product distribution, material shortages, labor disputes, transportation delays, unforeseen environmental, natural disasters, and other parties as or omissions of civil or military competent authorities as omission of government priorities, fire, strikes, floods, extreme weather conditions, computer interruption, terrorism, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, riot or war) led to delays in delivery or failure to perform its obligations, Wiscon shares is not liable . Wiscon shares the time of delivery or performance of the contract will be extended to extend the period equal to the delay period, or the Wiscon shares can decide to give notice to the customer to cancel any order or remaining part. The occurrence of such event of force majeure, Wiscon shares shall promptly notify the customer, and then within a reasonable time to provide proof of force majeure events.
15. import and export restrictions
15.1 Wiscon International Holding Group
Wiscon International Holding Group is committed to complying with all the German export laws and regulations. Wiscon International Holding Group does not state sales or shipment of products of the embargo to the German Finance Ministry of Foreign Assets Control Office ("OFAC"). Wiscon International Holdings Group will not be designated as "special nominee and proscribed individuals" individuals or organizations, the sale or shipment of products to the German Ministry of Finance. Wiscon International Holding Group, not to the German Ministry of Commerce of Industry and Security Bureau ("BIS"), a designated individual or agency sale or shipment "Export Administration regulations prohibit products. Wiscon International Holding Group participated in the transaction reports export the implementation of Industry and Security Bureau and the German Finance Ministry of Foreign Assets Control Office. Wiscon shares prohibit the export, re-export, distribution or transfer of its products to any individual, institution or country prohibited by the German Finance Ministry of Foreign Assets Control Office of Industry and Security Bureau.
15.2 Wiscon shares
Department of Wiscon shares sold products through its German parent company, Wiscon International Holdings, procurement, product sales, resale or other disposition, and any related technology or documentation are subject to the constraints of the German export laws and regulations and command. Accordance with the terms and conditions, product sales, resale or other disposition, as well as any related technology or documentation is protected by applicable import and / or the constraints of the Export Administration laws and regulations. Customer further acknowledges that: its not directly or indirectly export any product to any country subject to export or transport restricted or prohibited. Customer acknowledges its responsibility to the requirements of any export, re-export or import license. Customer agrees to comply with all such laws and regulations and provisions of this article, including but not limited to the described in this article, export, re-export, distribution and transfer prohibition. If any product orders can not be performed in compliance with all applicable export laws and regulations and provisions of the Wiscon shares retained for no reason that the right to cancel such orders.
15.3 export classification Disclaimer
Wiscon International Holding Group classification for export classification (whether any adjustment of the Export Control Classification Number or harmonized tariff codes), not Wiscon shares a right of recourse by the customer at their own risk. Export classification can be changed. Such as export or re-export, is responsible for the export of any items correctly classified as a customer for export registration. Export classification of the Wiscon International Holdings Group only Wiscon International Holdings Group and / or Wiscon shares for internal use shall be construed to consent for the proper export classification of the representations or warranties, shall not be relied upon to decision.
16. General provisions
Non-written consent by the Wiscon Shares, the terms and conditions shall not be modified or canceled. Accordingly, Wiscon shares only on the basis of the terms and conditions of sales of products and provide services. The extent permitted by applicable law, under the terms and conditions of sales subject to the terms and conditions of the jurisdiction, regardless of any customer orders, purchase orders, schedules, approval, invoice, confirmation or a customer produced or provided any other form or document ("Customer Files"), the existence of influence or attempt to influence product purchase and / or sale of any contrary or other terms and conditions. Regardless of the customer order to set the jurisdiction of any of the terms and conditions, payment terms specified on the clients and Wiscon shares are subject to Wiscon shares pages and business credit application. Any statement or terms of the conflict set forth in the customer file (either prior or subsequently submitted), submit a credit application, and Wiscon shares issued credit are negative, and any client file contains all the different or additional terms and conditions are hereby rejected. Wiscon shares Wiscon shares the obligation to fulfill any product order or contract are to agree to the terms and conditions based, unless the Wiscon shares prior specific written consent. If the customer does not give consent, began to perform and / or delivered only provide convenience for customers and shall not be deemed or construed as customer acceptance of the terms or conditions or any part thereof. If the two sides do not reach a common written contract in the early customer acceptance of any product or service and should be regarded as customer acceptance of these terms and conditions. Without Wiscon shares prior written consent of, any right, duty, covenant, or obligations under these Terms and Conditions shall be by operation of law, merger or other reasons, was sold or transferred. The terms and conditions will be binding of the terms and conditions of the parties and their respective successors and better assignee. 对The terms and conditions or any waiver or breach is not considered to constitute a waiver of the terms and conditions of any other or subsequent breach of any kind or nature of abstention. The terms and conditions of any content is prohibited in any jurisdiction is invalid or not enforceable in the jurisdiction should be prohibited, invalid or enforceable within ineffective, but does not give the terms and conditions other invalid in that jurisdiction does not affect the content validity of any other jurisdiction, and forced the effectiveness of the implementation. Terms and Conditions will be under the jurisdiction of Chinese law, be interpreted according to Chinese law.