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wiscon the globalization of services business
Help your business to the world!
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WISCON With years of a global standard for service management experience, providing global services for enterprise solutions to make your business be able to get more long-term interests in the era of meager profit, to gain advantages in the near-brutal competition in the market, a very favorable position.
WISCON Germany Wisconsin International Holdings Group has a leading position in power quality harmonic control and reactive power compensation, and the WISCON trademark registered in Germany, was set up for the world to provide professional technical consulting, management, the use of the maintenance services team. WISCON to enter China in the 1970s, has been committed to provide quality management services for the Chinese enterprise customers, set up branches or offices in 20 provinces in China, Serving both the manufacturing, retail, logistics industry a variety of industries, combined with Chinese characteristics, and provides experienced service management solutions for the global business.

Solution-oriented enterprises to provide global service
The globalization of service solutions in WISCON is refers to the most appropriate cost to provide the same quality service on a global scale, including the improvement of services, content, quality, costs, contracts, Delivery methods standardized for your business in business worldwide, providing solid and reliable service backing. Service platform through WISCON global standard, you can quickly respond to and solve the problems encountered by the enterprises in various places, and to help businesses more fully and effectively grasp the capacity and condition of the entire point, get a reliable guarantee for the overall business continuity. WISCON local delivery service is extended to dozens of countries and regions around the world. Enterprises to set up branches in various countries and regions to provide a strong support services, to improve the overall incident response capabilities, improve and apply the level of globalization services.

WISCON (China) as WISCON worldwide implementation of the globalization of service system in Greater China (including China's domestic, Hong Kong, Taiwan) branch to the corporate customers of the China circle to provide a full range of business support. "WISCON globalization", as the leading service brand WISCON company in 2010, can reduce existing operating costs, improve business support, to effectively ensure the security and continuity to provide reliable protection for your business . Low cost and high additional value-driven competition in the market, WISCON by "WISCON global services and your business form strategic alliances, cost-effective service management system customized for the enterprise. Provides a strong backing support for enterprises to enhance their competitive advantage and gain market advantage aspects. In China, by WISCON service system resource network, reliable customer on-site technical support services for your business.