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Bravely assumed responsibility
Committed to ethical and responsible behavior

Wisconsin strive to meet all legal and ethical requirements, and as long as possible, we also strive to exceed these requirements. Our responsibility is carried out according to the highest professional and ethical standards and practices to the business: the company will not tolerate any non-compliant behavior.

We bravely assumed responsibility "principle called the compass of our business decisions. We must also encourage our business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to follow the same high ethical standards.
The pursuit of excellence
To achieve superior business results and operational results

The pursuit of excellence in each field, we will try to achieve. According to the company's vision to develop this ambitious goal, and under the guidance of excellent quality and exceed customer demand for solutions. Been the case.

The pursuit of excellence also means attracting the best talent in the market. We will help these people to master the various skills needed to succeed, and to provide them with an excellent opportunity to realize their potential. We are committed to creating a high performance corporate culture.

The pursuit of excellence is not only related to what we are doing today, it also requires us to find a continuous improvement of the road. We need flexible and actively embrace change, to ensure we are able to firmly grasp the new opportunities.
Committed to innovation and
Innovation to create sustainable value

The innovation had become the cornerstone of the success of the Wisconsin business. R & D is a fundamental driving force of the Wisconsin development strategy. As the holder of key patents, whether it is already a mature technology, or technology being developed, we are all customers a strong partner. Our goal is to get involved in many business areas, occupy technology leadership.

We are the innovation and benefit the global corporate citizen. We use the customer is successful to measure the success of our innovation. We continue to adjust the portfolio, in order to provide solutions for the most serious challenges mankind face common, which allows us to create sustainable value.

Lead the trend, that we can release energy and creativity of employees. Our wealth to the original, and also appreciate all the implications of this quality: originality, creativity, whimsy, and so on.