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(1) to establish the personnel system to attract talented people
We believe that the company's most important asset is. In order to attract the best talent, we have done a lot of effort in the personnel system. Humane benefits, incentive systems, training system, and so continue to rationalize the perfection of. We hope that The wiscon employees that: wiscon is worth their hard-working company!
(2) to provide a professional environment conducive to employee self-challenge
Each into the company's employees are entrusted with the task, but also the requirements in all aspects of endeavor, and sometimes even require a person to independently undertake a number of work. We believe that such a professional environment, to help employees into the company grew rapidly, and enhance awareness of self-challenge.
3 show the self-development of the staff
We focus on the personal development of employees, employees of different positions, we all regularly scheduled training courses. In recent years wiscon actively promote the localization strategy in China, each year we have selected the talented employees go to the German headquarters to learn, work, localization management, senior management staff localization rate has reached 75%.
Create a harmonious team atmosphere
We advocate the slogan "Happy to work", we strive to create a happy and harmonious atmosphere of the company, the work focus on teamwork, a concerted effort to complete the task. Spare time to organize various activities to promote the friendship between us.
We hope that each employee can Enjoy in wiscon work, and continue to grow in happiness.