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 The core values are enduring and fundamental faith is the basic philosophy of an enterprise. Wisconsin shares the feelings of enthusiasm for the customer service, the staff attentive care of the situation, the feeling of green goodwill on the environment, the social the Sincere return the love, the essence of responsible attitude to the government, customers, employees, partners environment, community and public interest stakeholders.
Wisconsin shares commitment: give full consideration in decision-making social and environmental factors responsible for the social and environmental impacts caused by the decision-making activities, to take a transparent and ethical behavior, compliance with laws, regulations and norms of international behavior, and social responsibility to comprehensively integrated into the company's operations, and create maximum value for the community, to win the trust and respect, to promote themselves and society sustainable development by building the harmonious interaction between stakeholders, and continuously meet the concerns and expectations of stakeholders.
The right wiscon CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities to carry out the business management activities, is the systematic the practice in April 2008 wiscon Way ', constantly seeking the Group's sustainable development of society and wiscon.

 Enterprise is rooted in the community, like the Earth's environment is irreplaceable, must be a profound understanding of this issue the importance for a variety of organisms. Therefore, in order to achieve wiscon in 2010 under the corporate philosophy the developed wiscon vision 2016 "information society" raised in "the brotherhood of man and the earth, each employee should have in their daily work to comply with corporate ethics and laws and regulations and practice to address the topic of customers and the community to contribute to wiscon Group's core values ​​(the values ​​of action). And we recognize, disclose their achievements and issues to stakeholders and fulfill the description of the responsibility as well as through exchanges with stakeholders to improve business activities, to establish a relationship of trust, which is also very important social responsibility.

wiscon through the above activities, we strive to achieve customer, social and wsicon of sustainable development.

wiscon right way business, and strive in the business activities to minimize environmental pollution and safety accidents, protecting the natural environment and the health of employees. wiscon through accumulated experience and developed the core technology as the basis to further improve the environment, safety, health level, with the local community to work closely and actively respond to the government "energy saving" call and response to climate change, is committed to improving the environment of the entire Earth out a road of sustainable development.
1, wiscon will in all stages of the business activities, first consider the environmental, safety, health issues, and as an opportunity to create value for customers.
2 wiscon to develop a related discipline, and strictly comply with to operate regional and national environmental, safety, health regulations, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment, safety, and health care.
Environment, safety and health activities wiscon periodic testing results and announce the relevant content.
Profoundly, wiscon all staff recognize that protect the global environment is a social responsibility, and actively participate in local community environmental activities.